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Hear from past participants about their experiences!

“I found the Trial and Error bootcamp extremely useful but also fun. I was really impressed at the array of professionals and lawyers brought in to teach us. As someone new to mock trial, I would highly recommend completing this program. I am thankful to the staff as well as the participants for this great experience.”

Garyn Rickwood, 2022 & 2023 T&E Participant

"I wanted to join something that would be a great experience prior to applying to law schools. That's when I joined the Trial and Error Bootcamp, where I developed skills that I can use in the real world. I learned so much and even though I did not have any prior mock experience I got to learn about how mock trials work and how to perform well in one. It really inspired me to consider mock trials and to participate. It was intriguing and I believe Jakob and Rory have structured the course very well with documents that I can carry with me in the future. For those of you who were like me, that initially have no idea about mock trials or how cases work and are nervous but want to participate in a pre-law environment that welcomes you, Trial and Error is for you!"

Easha Khan, 2023 T&E Participant

"I joined the Trial & Error Bootcamp as an experienced mock trial-er, incoming UofT student, and someone hoping to join the UofT mock trial teams. The program was valuable both in preparing me for tryouts and helping me make connections with other mock trial-ers, some even being my future teammates. T&E is a unique experience to receive feedback from lawyers and senior mock trial competitors in a low stakes environment. I definitely recommend T&E for anyone, from those with no mock trial experience to those with 4+ years of experience like I had!"

Anasofia Florez, 2022 T&E Participant

"Trial and Error armed me with all the tools I needed and still might need in order to excel at mock trial and trial advocacy. The course is structured in a logical way, bringing expertise from trailblazers in their field into the course and offering up a well rounded study of what it means to do mock trial. I learned a great deal from the course and cannot recommend it enough to people curious about mock trial!"

Mathis Cleuziou, 2022 T&E Participant


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