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The organizations and individuals who keep us running and help us provide our services, to the best of our abilities.

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Apex Pre–Law Services

Apex offers one-on-one LSAT tutoring, admissions advising, and law school guidance. Because each of their tutors is either a successful law student or practicing attorney, they have been where you are and know how to guide you along the right path, whether that be on the LSAT or through the murky law school admissions process and intimidating first year of law.

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Ontario Mock Trial Association

Ontario Mock Trial Association, the esteemed provincial association for mock trials, was founded and is driven by students with a singular purpose: to empower fellow students. As the first organization of its kind, Ontario Mock caters exclusively to high school and undergraduate participants, operating independently from any university affiliation. Ontario Mock has created a transformative realm where the art of advocacy intertwines with unwavering excellence. Within the distinguished community, a passion for mock trials is cultivated, fostering intellectual growth and nurturing the professional development of tomorrow’s legal professionals.

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